Why have I not written a lot of blogs this week?


Why am I writing one now?


Was that anyone else’s go-to answer to things as a youngster when you either had no clue or you just didn’t want to talk? Another one, especially for me was,  I don’t know. I said it enough I think people started thinking I knew nothing at all. It was a safe place to be. It never occurred to me back then that it was a lie. We do that sometimes, to protect ourselves, to hold on to that safe place when we have yet to learn who and what having Jesus in our lives is all about.

It’s Maundy Thursday. It’s been a full week so far with online church devotions, videos, writings…a lot to take in. And tonight there are Maunday Thursday celebrations, enough it’s hard to pick from because they all seem to fall at the same time. We are blessed with modern technology…even as it can complicate.

I suppose instead of Because I should admit that today I don’t feel well. And so I started going down the COVID-19 checklist. Yes. Yes. Yes. Well, no. Phew, I’m safe.

Safe seems to be the word for the day. For my life. For many, especially at this time, that we find ourselves facing the unknown while living in what it creates.

I’ve done some talking to the Lord. About a lot of things, since it is my “God Day”, a day of designated prayer.  I listened, and here I am. After telling Him I had nothing.

Why did I pick the bird as my featured image today?

Look at how grey and unfocused the world around him is. And yet, the perch and his form are sharp and clear. His beak is open wide to sing as loudly as he can. I believe when the birds sing, they are singing to God. Oh, I know we are taught there are other reasons, but I still think the Lord loves to hear their melody.

And on a day that is not perfect, in a season of doubt and concern, in a time when all we want is to be safe, God speaks through a little bird. It reminds me that I can sing out praises to God, even though I’d rather just close my eyes and give up for the day.

He knows each and every feather on each and every bird. He knows the hairs on our heads in the same way. In Him, no matter what happens, we are safe in His love. And, we can sing. – Vicki



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