Music reaches the heart …

I sat and tried to think of something inspirational to share with you today, and all I found myself doing was listening to Christian music. It is Passion Week, and I think I’m going to leave the messages of the week to ministry leadership. A church (one of many) here in my town is offering a devotion each morning on each day in the last week of Jesus’ life. I have their permission to share, so you’ll be seeing some of their studies on the Home page feed. Maybe more worship music. And, if God gives me the words, I’ll try to get my own layperson viewpoint in here.

Have a blessed week. Spend time enjoying the resources out there. Read the Bible. Pray. Listen to music. It’s supposed to be a tough week for many in this COVID-19 stuff. Interesting the timing of that, isn’t it?

So, here’s the song that caught my heart this morning. I hope it has the words you need to hear this morning. Blessings – Vicki

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