Central Perk?

No, but if you were a Friends fan back in the day and dreamed of sitting in the famous coffee spot, then Saint Joseph, Mo has something with atmosphere that can meet that longing. Even better, it’s local. It’s real and not imaginary. It is Cafe Pony Espresso.

cafe 1Elsie and I had an afternoon when we were both free, so it was time for a mini adventure. We were driving around downtown St. Joe to see what was new, and although not new, neither of us had been to Pony Espresso, so we chose the cafe. It was always my dream to have a shop and apartment downtown. (I know, I also had a dream of a horse ranch. Who says I can’t have both?) I remember the glory days when I was a kid and the big deal was to “go to town”. I am really happy that a real effort to restore the wonder of downtown St. Joe is taking place.

cafe 4


Of course we ordered coffee. Honestly, I can’t remember what kind of coffee Elsie ordered, but I had a Cherry Mash something or other, in honor of St. Joe of course, and it was very good. Not as sweet as you’d imagine and it had a subtle complexity that was quite pleasing. (All the TV chefs talk about complexity so I had to throw that in).

We settled in the little library area that had a wall of books, comfy chairs and love seat, and displayed local artwork and jewelry.As we enjoyed our coffees we went page by page through a book on home decorating. Interesting color concepts and design. One book of many while soft music played.cafe 7

cafe 6

There was seating at the tables as well in the front part of the cafe. A nice sofa was also in the front if you so preferred. That afternoon it was a little muggy, but if we had wanted the outdoor experience, tables were available for sidewalk dining. The menu isn’t just coffee and teas, they have soups and sandwiches and comfort foods. They also offer free WiFi for those of us who like to settle in and enjoy the mood of the environment as we work or do the social media thing. And yes, I warned them they were going to be an entry in my adventure blog. At least I got a smile.

I always love a place that supports and displays the work of local artists.   cafe 3

It was one of those places that had a lot to look at, good coffee, and great atmosphere. So, as far as afternoons go, I’d say we had another great adventure!

Cafe Pony Espresso, 114 South 8th Street, (816) 273-0059, in Historic Downtown St. Joseph, MO

Serving Jim’s Organic Coffee, tea, soups and sandwiches, espresso drinks, comfort foods, coffee and offers free WiFi.