You don’t have to travel far

Sometimes you find places in your own hometown that are treasures. In St. Joe the park system is amazing. Tree lined parkways with beautiful public parks at either end and in-between. Sometimes when you grow up with these things as part of your life you view them as the norm. It’s not until someone from another area of the U.S. comes in and makes multiple appreciative comments that you begin to see how blessed you are.

I took some time a few years back and went to the North End’s Krug Park. I spent some time taking pictures and watching people and enjoying that little bit of nature in the middle of city. As I’ve renewed my goal to visit local sites, I’ll pick another day to go to the other parks with the same intent. I think my goal this summer is to find those small things that bring big rewards. Simple pleasures in an intentional simple life.

Meanwhile, I’ll share some pictures of my time at Krug. In between the time I took these and I finally got around to this post, the lagoon was drained, cleaned and re-filled.




geese on road

The geese own the park.


A view of the lagoon from parking. I couldn’t resist adding the scripture verse.

boat goose

Someone was enjoying  sailing their boat while the geese totally ignored it.


The Castle. A child’s delight. Okay, an adult’s delight as well.


Beauty. Period.

tunnel krug

There’s a couple of these “tunnels” you drive through. Tradition is you honk as you’re going through. Not sure what it is supposed to scare off, but sometimes from the “top of the hill” where most of the picnics take place, you hear a lot of honking. This was a quick shot through the windshield. The sun and a dusty windshield made for an interesting shot.

A little visit to a local park that goes back a very long time in St. Joe history. Come visit some time.